DLCC Board

President – Rose Foulkes 

Past President – Currently Vacant

Vice President Operations – Currently Vacant

Vice President Programming & Recreation – Jamey Mckay

Treasurer – Meghan Simpson

Secretary – Breanna Sawatzky

Director of Grants – Renee Lilley

Director of Buildings & Grounds – Mike Bigold

Director of Special Events – Renee Lilley

Director of Social Media – Currently Vacant

Movie Nights – Todd Gauthier

Rentals Manager – TBD (starting in January 2020)

Baseball Convener – Dave Feniuk

Basketball Convener – Currently Vacant

Flag Rugby Convener – Gord Foulkes

Hockey Convener – Dave Feniuk

Soccer Convener – Jennifer Montebruno

Facility Manager – Craig Stapon

To read the DLCC Constitution, please click CONSTITUTION.